Cemetery Documents (Rocky Springs)

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Old Friendship Cemetery at Rocky Springs

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Old Friendship Missionary Baptist Church has one of its Historical Cemetery at Rocky Springs - Off Dallas Hwy 120.....Old Trace road now leads to Sumerset DR. S.W.

Old Friendship has a very rich and colorful history starting as far back as 1854.  Yes!  That is when a group of slaves under the leadership of John "Preacher" Jennings, worshiped in the brush arbor for more than a decade.  Following the Civil War, under the leadership of Jennings' son - Elijah, the congregation built a log church.  Oral tradtion holds that it took the church members half a day to count the pennies and paper money donated by the community to build the church.

Elijah Jennings donated the property on Land Lot 55, the 19th District, 2nd Section of Cobb County to the church with the restriction that it always be used as a church.  His son, John Jennings, was the congregation's first pastor.  Years later in 1943, another family member - Willie "Baby" Jennings - donated another acre to the church with the same stipulation.

About Old Friendship

Old Friendship is one of the oldest churches in Georgia.  It is in fact the oldest African American church in Cobb County (in Marietta, Georgia).

The Story of Old Friendship Baptist Church is one of perseverance and faith in the face of overwhelming odds.  The church is known by its members as the "Old Ship of Zion".  It began in a brush arbor in the Sandtown-Lost Mountain area of west Cobb County, Georgia, in 1854.

Since that time, members have seen the church's building destroyed by wind and fire - multiple times.  yet the church remain standing for it's divine purpose.

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