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Old Friendship Pastoral History

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Old Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Pastoral - History Review.


Rev. John Jennings, First Pastor

Rev. I. Sims, 20 years

Rev. Rosmond Kay Clark Sr., 2 years

Rev. J.J. Freeman, 15 years

Rev. I. Thomas

Rev. J.R. Ricks, 9 years

Rev. R.E. Henly, 1938-1984

Rev. James O. Montford, 1985-1992

Rev. Verlyn Styles, 1993

Rev. Gilbert, 1995

Rev. Charles Peter Gibson, 1997

Rev. Willie Kellings, 2000

Rev. Willie Thomas III, 2002

Rev. Stanley Ayers, 2007

Rev. Brendan A. Jenkins, 2010-2015

Rev. Jerry C. Adams, 2015-2016

Open at this Time (2017 vacant)

About Old Friendship

Old Friendship is one of the oldest churches in Georgia.  It is in fact the oldest African American church in Cobb County (in Marietta, Georgia).

The Story of Old Friendship Baptist Church is one of perseverance and faith in the face of overwhelming odds.  The church is known by its members as the "Old Ship of Zion".  It began in a brush arbor in the Sandtown-Lost Mountain area of west Cobb County, Georgia, in 1854.

Since that time, members have seen the church's building destroyed by wind and fire - multiple times.  yet the church remain standing for it's divine purpose.

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